Yoomi Self Warming Bottle Review

This is a sponsored post by Yoomi

Baby hates cold milk? Yoomi is a self warming bottle that is great for on the go or even at home. Great for breastfeeding Mama's, does not encourage lazy latching.

A self warming bottle? That’s what I said when I found out about Yoomi, and yes it actually works. Besides the warming feature my biggest concern was the nipple. When trying the bottle with Audrey I loved that it did not encourage ‘lazy latching’. If the bottle is upside down the milk doesn’t spew out everywhere, so babies have to work and suck on it to get the milk. This is great news for breastfeeding moms!

If you are a stay at home mom like me, there are those times when we’re going out or in the car and sometimes need a bottle to feed our little ones while they remain safely in their car seat. And bringing breastmilk bags/bottles in coolers on our trips, most infants like Audrey do not want to drink cold milk. So I really love the convince of simply pressing a button, waiting 60 seconds and instantly having warm milk. If you are a mom who is going to work away from your baby I recommend getting about 3-4 warmers and you can recharge them all at once when you get back home so they can sit over night, cool down (20-75 mintues) and be ready to use the next day.

Check out the video on how to recharge your warmer, testing and using it with our 7 week old daughter…..

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