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When I started nursing with my first daughter Lily, I had such a horrible time using the Boppy, it would always slide away from me and I found my self slouching over and in pain. Then with Abbey I used My Breastfriend which is great for the beginning stage but still bulky. The Nursie on the other hand I believe combines everything I love and thats needed  to nurse comfortably.

Here are some of my favorite key points of why I love the Nursie –

  • It’s on your arm so you are in total control of it, it never falls away from you, like a Boppy
  • Not bulky! You can easily put it in your bag or stroller when on the go
  • Can be used from newborn to when ever you decide to stop nursing, for me I use to use the bigger nursing pillows for the first 6 weeks then stuff because they were just too big and unnecessary. This Nursie is never unnecessary. It’s so compact and does the same as all those huge nursing pillows.

Visit The Nursie website here or the Etsy shop to make your own custom order!


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