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It has been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything but that is only because our new baby GIRL Audrey Katherine Nina has finally arrived! We have always loved holding off on knowing the gender until after giving birth and it has been an absolute joy knowing that we have a third girl born on December 26, 2016 weighing 7 lbs 4 oz. As a parent to already 2 little girls, you would think that I would have all my baby necessities ready to go. This is partially true, the only thing that I have lacked is a really great baby monitor. So for this post I have patterned with Owlet Care to share with other mama’s how I truly have a PEACE of mind as our child sleeps.


For my first daughter I’ve had all the monitors possible, hearing, hearing and seeing, and one that allowed me to hear, see and check breathing….sort of. The way it checked for breathing was a pad that went under the mattress only to see whether the mattress was moving from the baby breathing or not. But babies breathing can be so light that we had many false alarms with that one. By time we got to our second child I trashed all of our monitors away and stuck with waking up every once in a while throughout the night to check on our babies breathing. Talk about stressful and already losing enough sleep!


When our Owlet Baby Monitor (affiliate link) came to our home I was so relieved! For one, I prayed that it would come before the baby arrived (Audrey was already a week late) and two, I truly then felt ready to have the baby. And sure enough a couple of days afterwards I started getting contractions in the middle of the night and had her 4 hours later in our home.


A few hours after she was born I started unboxing our Owlet monitor, I downloaded the app, read the easy step by step instructions on my phone, and followed up with the booklet to make sure I was doing everything correctly and learning the ins’ and outs’ of the monitor. There are 3 notifications, blue, yellow and red. There are also other different colors that are the standard base station states, let’s go over them…

  • Blue Notifications – The smart sock is disconnected for the Base Station, usually this happens when our baby is too far from the base station.
  • Yellow Notifications – The smart sock is not getting a good read, this happens to us usually if the smart sock has sifted or fallen off. Sometimes if I’m burping her and her foot has pressure on our breastfeeding pillow the alarm will go off.
  • Red Notifications – This is designed to notify you if oxygen levels have dropped, or too high or too low heart rate.
  • Solid White – When smart sock is plugged in this means it is charging
  • Blinking Green – When smart sock is on your baby it will blink green to let you know that its reading your baby, it will take 5 good consecutive reads.
  • Pulsing Green – After the 5 good consecutive reads the base station will pulse green to let you know that your babies heart rate and oxygen levels are normal.

Along with the colored notifications your phone and base station is designed to play lullaby music to notify you if those levels fall outside the present zone. I love that I could just tap the base station or the base station icon on the Owlet app off or on for it to stop.


Take a look at the video below where I go over the Owlet Baby Monitor……

My all time favorite thing about the Owlet Baby Monitor is that it is wireless!! My husband was shocked when he seen me charge the sock….guess he had no clue how it worked. He thought it was out of this world!

I would highly recommend the Owlet Baby Monitor for any new mother and even a mom of 6. I truly have a PEACE OF MIND when sleeping knowing that my baby if being watched after by our Owlet angel. Be sure to check out the limited time offer by purchasing your Owlet Baby Monitor here and entering code WINTER10.

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