Newborn Sleeping Essentials


How we get our newborns sleeping throughout the night. Newborn Sleeping Essentials & Tips for a longer sleep.


These are my must haves in creating a the same environment that newborns just came out of…the womb. With the perfect swaddle wrap, co-sleeping bed, and white noise, our little ones have had some great long night stretches of sleep. And with the correct baby monitor now we as parents do not have to lose sleep as well.

  1. Dohm White Noise Machine – Our whole family loves the sound of an actual fan. We’ve been having are huge box fan on even though we are freezing since it’s winter, but we need the noise! So really glad that we can replace are huge box fan and use the Dohm (affiliate link) machine without the cold breeze. Look at the video review here for the  Dohm white noise machine.  Use coupon code ZZZBABY for 20% off your order.
  2. Newton Crib Mattress – If you’re looking for a crib that is hypoallergenic, non-toxic with no foam, latex, springs or glue then this is the mattress to buy! Who knew that wovenaire could be so comfortable! And yes me and my husband have sat on it…my husband has even slept on it. This mattress is perfect for those babies and toddlers who love to sleep on their tummy. It’s great not to have to worry about my two year old and baby having breathing problems. No matter how far they sink their face in, I know they’re breathing very comfortably and breathing in air, no chemicals. View the full review on my post here and the video here on YouTube.
  3. Buttermilk Babies Swaddle Blankets – I have always used Aden & Anais swaddle blankets but it wasn’t until I purchased a 4 pack of Buttermilk Babies Swaddle Blankets that my mind changed. It is so heavenly soft, much more then Aden & Anais. Its made from cotton AND bamboo which is where the supreme softness comes from. Even after washes it holds up its softness very nicely. At 47’x47′ these are the largest swaddling blankets I have ever purchased. For the perfect swaddling tutorial view my video here or at the end of this post. I guarantee your baby will sleep throughout the night, and your blanket will not come undone by all the wiggling your baby will do.  Use promo code SEW25 for 25% off  Buttermilk Babies Swaddle Blankets 2-pack and 4-pack sets.
  4. Snuggle Me Baby Bed – This is the original co-sleeping baby bed. Audrey is now 4 weeks old and every time I put her down in anything else at night rather then right beside me she fusses big time. I was not about to lose anymore sleep so  I needed something else just until she was ready to transition to sleeping in her own crib/ bassinet. So, I am very thankful for the Snuggle Me bed that allows her to sleep with me safely. Before I held her in the bed with me on my side in my arms while on her back and anytime I tried to put her down..she would wake up crying. Soon I will give a video review on it!
  5.  Owlet Baby Monitor – For my first daughter I’ve had all the monitors possible, hearing, hearing and seeing, and one that allowed me to hear, see and check breathing. By time we got to our second child I trashed all of our monitors away and stuck with waking up every once in a while throughout the night to check on our babies breathing. Talk about stressful and already losing enough sleep! Then Owlet comes along and I thought finally! A baby monitor that is truly an accurate baby monitor. Check out my full post on the Owlet here and my video review. Get $25 off when you order your Owlet here by using the code Winter 10

Create The Perfect Swaddle

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Fussy, restless baby & tried everything? I'll give you some helpful advice to get your baby sleeping throughout the night. Includes a daily routine, how to help them self soothe, and even some essential oil recipes to help baby and mama calm down.



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