Lamaze Toys Give Me and Audrey Fun Playtime

Lily and Audrey love going down to the mall and visiting the museums. Never gets boring or old. Audrey is now 8 months and loves tagging along for the ride in her stroller.  However since the museums aren’t super fun for her yet, I always make sure I have a couple toys on hand to keep her well entertained.

Lamaze toys has been the most trusted brand from pregnancy, birth and to early parenting. Since she was 3 months she had the Lamaze Freddie Firefly and just loved looking at its black and white contrast for visual stimulation and hearing the crinkle sounds. Now that she’s getting older she is STILL playing with it in her carseat and teething like crazy on it. It only made sense to get some more Lamaze friends to join the family!

Audrey now has two little teeth on the bottom so she is chewing up everything and trying to bite anything she can get a hold of. For me I knew I wanted her to have another hanging toy that can attach on her carseat or stroller and then 2 others that make some short of noise. Her Cosimo Concerto is a cute little zebra with keys for playing musical notes while still having bright contrasting colors.  And her Lamaze Octotunes  (octopus) has large legs that you can squeeze and hear a musical note and Audrey loves biting the handle on his head right now while my other 2 enjoy playing twinkle twinkle little star on the legs…..TOO CUTE!

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