DIY Postpartum Padsicles for Soothing Relief

Very soothing and cool relief postpartum padsicles for all moms after birth. Use cloth pads (pattern included) or disposable pads.
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We all know how sensitive that special area can be right after birth. Why not help the pain by creating your own DIY Padsicles. Most of these items are usually already in your home, and not very expensive. I switched to using cloth pads over a year ago and could not be any happier with them. Very eco friendly, cost efficient and works just as well as disposable pads. You can trace out your own pad, download the pattern I used here or use disposables…totally up to you!

For this super quick and easy DIY you’ll need the following –

I made a quick video to show you my process of making your DIY Padsicles…..

For my reusable pads I used,

  • One super heavy bamboo fleece for top layer
  • Two layers of terry cloth for the middle layer
  • One layer of anti pill fleece for bottom layer
  • Plastic white KAM Snaps


For some of my pads I used flannel as the top layer…..I just used up whatever fabric I had but I really loved the feel of the super heavy bamboo fleece.

You could cut up old towels for the middle layer, I went to a local sewing shop where there are lots of old fashion fabric and got a really good deal on this ugly 70’s flower terry cloth fabric.

My first ever set of pads I made a few years ago I got this red flannel on sale…..wrong choice. Try to make sure the top layer is light enough to see how much you have bled. I also did not wash my fabric or used a great pattern a year ago so my pads shrunk a lot.

Make sure to wash fabric before sewing. I washed all my fabric in hot water and dried on high in dryer. I do cloth diapers with my littles ones so I throw the cloth pads in with the cloth diaper wash. To wash your cloth pads throughly I recommend using my DIY detergent and following the washing instructions I have listed. Basically, cold rinse, hot wash with detergent, and then third wash with only bleach.


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