Breastfeeding & Motherhood – Baby #3

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about my breastfeeding journey on baby number 3. You all know I did a Breastfeeding 101 post a couple years ago to help with those mothers who maybe are struggling with breastfeeding or need some tips.

I noticed this time around with my nursing my third, I was dreading the pain when she would start nursing, but I realized if I put on some Lanolin cream after every feeding, I barely has any painful experiences like my last 2. I also used handmade Breastfeeding hot/cold packs that I made or you can buy them here. They can be heated in the microwave to provide long-lasting moist, therapeutic heat, or placed in the freezer for a soft cold compress. Moist heat encourages milk flow and helps to unclog a clogged duct. It also helps with sore nipples, mastitis, clogged ducts, engorgement and breast milk let down.

Now that Audrey has come along, it just feels like a breeze when nursing. But it wasn’t like that on my first and second child. I did not have ANY help with breastfeeding and it cost a fortune to have someone come out to my house to help. But now places like WIC and Happy Family Infant Feeding are the perfect places to go to find resources and support for questions on infant nutrition.

Happy Family Infant Feeding has lots of super useful articles on Breast Milk Benefits, Top Latching Tips, What to Eat While Breastfeeding, How To Nurse While Working and a lot more!

Weather you are nursing or bottle feeding, if you have any doubts about your little one no getting enough, or troubles with latching on etc, you are not alone. Click the video below to watch and to get help with an expert who can further help you right away!

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Hi! Being a Mom of three girls (2 in Heaven), past nanny and teacher for infants, I've decided to share my tips on how to get by day by day with your little ones.