About Me



My name is Keami (Key-Ah-Me) but everyone calls me Kimi most of the time because thats just easier for them to remember. Either one is fine with me!

I was born and raised in Washington DC and just recently moved with my AMAZING husband (Jason) to Tennessee. Huge change right? Before coming to Tennessee I studied a bit in Early Childhood Education and started working as an infant for teachers and then in the nanny business. If I didn’t have children I would still love to be a nanny! Taking care of twins and 2 small infants in a nanny share was my dream job.  Since I was little I have always loved children, especially coming from a family where my mom is the youngest of 13! Infants are my favorite age and lucky for me (Father willing) my husband and I have a huge dream of having a huge family of over 15 children.

While my hubby finishes up his degree I’ve been nesting at home as the stay at home mom and I love it! There’s nothing more I’d rather do then to stay home, taking care of all errands, doctor appointments, cleaning, cooking, and most importantly taking care of our family. We currently have 2 girls and another little one one the way in December of 2016 which has been a blessing after having two miscarriages!

What started my blogging craze? Being at home and always creating something, raving over a new product to myself or family members, and finding out new things that made my life easier. I was really disappointed before blogging that there was no way to share my thoughts, my expertise with children, DIY projects and the list goes on. So I created a blog and could not be any happier!

Thank you for your support!

xoxo Kimi