Cloth Diaper Storage Ideas

Bulky cloth diapers and even disposables need a storage space. Check out these creative cloth diaper storage ideas and get creative!

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Today I wanted to share lots of ideas on how to store your bulky cloth diapers and even disposables! There are so many creative ways to store diaper supplies and diapers, whether wanting them hid or out in the open. Lets take a look at these crazy ideas and DIY’s.

Rolling Carts




These super cute Ikea Utility Cart are not only great for storing diapers, but acts as a caddy as well. Roll it wherever you need and hide it in the closet whenever. It’s affordable and great for the first couple months when you are so exhausted and want to have everything you need in arms reach if you do co sleeping. A quick to-go-to baby needs!

  1. Stylemepretty shows her nursery inspirations here
  2. Alittledelightful calls it a baby essential trolley for everything baby needs in a movable spot
  3. Theglitterguide has a really adorable baby girl nursery and used hers for cloths and other necessities

Shelfs & Bins


You can get these shelfs and bins anywhere, the most popular ones are from Ikea. Stack them beside your changing table, hang them on the wall or even use them as a changing table. These are so versatile as the child grows. Stash diapers, books, toys, the options are endless.


  1. I love the Animal Bins that you can find here on Amazon.
  2. You can see more of this nursery here. I love how there are oversized circular bins in different colors. Gives it a boho vibe.
  3. I love how Jesyka decorated her baby girls room over here.
  4. Never seen anyone put the changing table on top of the shelfs, another neat idea over at 346living.
  5. I highly recommend you check out the nursery style over at ministyle, very cute and love the use of the shelfs and decorated bins.
  6. Store cloth diapers under the bench once your done with them

Metal Bins

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.50.54 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.41.57 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 6.36.55 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.47.06 PM

One of my favorites! We have a vintage milk crate above our changing table to store our cloth diapers and still love it. I love that you can hang these metal bins on your wall and can find them just about anywhere, vintage stores are the best place to get them.

  1. This was a gender neutral nursery, waiting to find out the sex of their baby, they kept it simple and elegant. I love the vintage window above the changing table,   a beautiful yet inexpensive piece of art. Find a standing metal rack at vintage stores.
  2. Peg boards have so many uses, a craft space, tools, and even a cute edition to a boys room!
  3. Thelittleumbrella did an amazing job at decorating this nursery.
  4. This nursery was our inspiration for begins are second daughters room. I love every thing about the design concept and use of vintage pieces.






I love the idea of storage ladders! You could always make some on your own and add metal bins or snoop out some vintage stores for foldable ladders where you can put shelfs on top of each adder step. Just add your cloth diaper stash win metal  bins or stack of ladder shelfs.

  1. This Scandinavian Inspiration is just adorable!
  2. Hang your diapers from ladders from Little House In The Big D it would be a little too tedious for me but its still an idea! Maybe Just hang them over, with prints facing out vs. snapping them to the ladder.
  3. I love the wood planks on this one vs. a big piece of board, very creative
  4. This is an easy DIY for under 30! Love the metal bins attached!

Other Favorite Inspirations



Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 12.14.25 PM


  1. I love Mandi’s style with these out of the ordinary lockers painted for her baby girl’s room.
  2. This vintage  DIY basket ladder storage is easy to whip up on your own
  3. I love the modern vibe and another peg board diaper storage inspiration from NDOTTA
  4. Use an old vintage dresser and do a little (or a lot)  of refurbishing for stashing diapers, supples, baby blankets…or in this case fabric.

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